The exhibition is many things. Some believe it is a waste of time. Probably also the attitude I had the first time. But I had promised my kennel, that I would go to an exhibition to get a detailed opinion on my dog. I had subsequently admitted that the first exhibition was a very positive experience.


The exhibition is not just about sprinting around in a ring with your dog, but also about cozy relationships with wonderful people and their lovely dogs. You learn many new people to know and have a good talk about our lovely dogs. Both funny experiences, tragic incidents and advice to each other.
When the exhibition is over, we are always a few who meet with our dogs so they can play together. Other dogs are always welcome to participate.
The first times you're at an exhibition, everything can seem very confusing, and you have so many questions.
Are we in the right class
When should I in the ring?
Could my dog find out, to go as it must?
What does all those weird expressions they use mean?
How important is the ribbon I get?
What do I need certificates for? 
Yes, it can be a bit of a minefield, but at the exhibitions, there is always sweet people who are ready to help with any questions you may have. So hurry to get on the exhibition and have a nice day with your dog.
Of course, it is wonderful when you come home with certificates Trophies and fine judgments. In essence, this is what the exhibitions is about, but winning one can of course not always. Remember that no matter how an exhibition Goes, is your dog still the best in the world.









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